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Friday, January 31, 2014

The Cat's Meow: Goddess Test Series

My first series read of the year! I decided to read the Goddess Test Series by Aimee Carter due to the fact that I had read book one then never once review it. So in a sense I read it twice but it still gave me mixed thoughts on the book which is fine, I thought maybe my brain was too over read to enjoy it.

What I like about the series overall was the deep influence of Greek gods and using that as the primary concept, I haven't read anything with Greek Goddess influence but I have watch Xena the Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys as a kid,  plus the Disney version of Hercules, but all of it involves around Greek gods, Titans, People of the earth.

Primary the focus was all on Henry or Hades (the god of the underworld), when his first wife Persephone decide to choose mortality rather than immortality with a mortal, Henry allows her that way she could be happy. But he couldn't rule the underworld by himself, so the council needed to find another person suitable for immortality and must pass the tests. 11 fails until Kate comes along, who might have what it takes to pass the tests.

While Kate faces changes in her life, her mother dying of cancer and then Kate's friend Ava unmistakeably swim recklessly and dies, and Kate pleaded that someone could save her and come appear Henry. But because Kate was a skeptic she didn't believe what Henry's bargain was for her until Ava dies again.

Kate soon believes and get to spend more time with her mother as a bargain with Henry when she accept the challenge of going through the tests. But the question remains, why did all the other girls fail? When Kate get attack by one of their own, Calliope (Hera) she stabs Kate then dumps Kate in the river.

Calliope love obsession with Henry, drove her mad after 11 girls came and then when Kate came along, Calliope knew that Kate could pass the test but not if she died just like all the others. But Henry and his people realizes that it was Calliope who was responsible for all the death of the other girls, Henry rush to the Underworld to save Kate but in the end Kate's mother save her that way Kate could live.

Pass the Seven Deadly Sins . . .

No consequences goes unpunished and Kate could only decide Calliope's punishment, spent time with each girl that she took until they each forgive her.

Kate earns Immortality after being away 6 months from Eden Manor, Kate was left out a lot, Henry still feared the past of all the girls that died but Kate try to do everything and anything to prove that she wasn't going anywhere.   

But then its up to Kate to save Henry from Calliope who attacks again but she has a very powerful Titan named Cronus on her side and promise him freedom from the gates of hell. However Cronus knows that Kate, James and Ava are down in the underworld to save Henry but he was determine to kill them. But Kate shows compassion towards him and for him that was unusual and decides not to attack her but as the search continue on Kate must find the one person who know where Cronus's gate is  . . . Persephone.

Persephone, she been dead for several decades and living her afterlife happily with the mortal she choose over Henry. She wasn't prepare to get visitors or to see Henry again, but she still cared for Henry so she would help out Kate but then in return be able to return back to her afterlife.

But Persephone and Kate shares some common problem they both have with Henry, the whole "first time" was awkward for both of them and went bad on both ends. But Persephone can see Kate love Henry more than she ever did and realizes that Henry been living in a fantasy with herself from the beginning. She explains to Henry that their time was nice but Henry need to let go of the past and start living his life with Kate for she loved him more than she did. 

I guess Kate and Persephone are sisters in a way, wasn't really expecting that but Kate was more furious on the fact that Zeus or "Walter" was her father and never once stepped in when her mother was dying from cancer. He said that he has children from all over that needs him but Kate believes that he was selfish.

The Goddess Inheritance (Goddess Test, #3)
The Goddess Inheritance had a change in dynamic, Calliope was determine to get Henry at any cost and with the help of Cronus, she just may get it but there was something much worst than Calliope wanting Henry. Kate left Eden Manor to search for Rhea, convince her to help put Cronus back in his gate but instead it landed Kate in 9 month captivity. Yes nine months being pregnant with her and Henry's child and Calliope plan it to take Kate's child as her own. Kate and Henry fights for their child, for the future of their family and for mankind.

Both Kate and Henry finally have fallen in love with each other or I should say Henry did and now he can't possibly lose Kate or their son.

The battle begins and in the end Calliope and Cronus loses but Kate loses someone she thought have betrayed her.

Ava was a pawn by Walter/Zeus order but because of her love for Kate she would do anything to protect her and her son. Even when Kate see her as the traitor but in the end Ava dies saving Kate's life and you can never replace the love Ava has.

I was really sad that Ava had to be the one that died, I guess I was thinking Love never dies but maybe the mortal body does and not the Love. I really like Ava although I had mixed thoughts about her, but she was the imperfection friend you would want and provide a calming peace in the most tense situation.

For all of the books I rated 4 or 4.5 Cat's Tails Up, they were a decent book to me but they didn't really WOW me like other books have. I still have to read the Goddess legacy which I do not have but overall it was a round of cat playing with the Goddess Test series.


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