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Monday, January 27, 2014

Book Review: Bared (Club Sin #2)

Bared (Club Sin #2) by Stacey Kennedy

Bared (Club Sin, #2)In a novel that’s perfect for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, Stacey Kennedy returns to Club Sin with another wicked and wild tale of submission, seduction, and love.

At Las Vegas’s exclusive Club Sin, Aidan Knight is the Master, unleashing the erotic yearnings of his submissive lovers. But his dominant façade conceals a devastating loss—something he instantly recognizes in his personally trained submissive Cora Adams. Sworn to unearth her secrets, Aidan uses his seductive skills to ignite her wildest desires until Cora yields to the pleasure she can find only with him.

Cora came to the BDSM club to act out her sub-and-dom fantasies without ever revealing the heartbreak that haunts her. But Aidan’s masterful touch is bringing her closer to the edge . . . and deeper into a world of control and surrender. He refuses to allow her to submit to any other man—nor does she want to. It’s a dangerous game they’re playing. For as they give in to passion, they must lay bare their souls for a love that could heal—and free—them both.

Bared is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

Kindle Edition

Expected publication: February 10th 2014 by Random House Loveswept

I've requested Stacey's second Club Sin Book from Netgallery again! I was so eager to read this and now without prolonging this. 

Are you ready to meet the real Cora Adam?

Adapted to the role of submission, Cora Adam only had two Dom Masters while she doesn't mind BSMD inside she craves for something permanent. 

Aidan Knight seem to have found the perfect woman but Aidan struggles with a haunting past that he can't seems to let go. 

When Cora and Aidan are together, they have great passion and desires of each other, driven to take care of each other except one thing . . . they were both not entirely on the same page.
Aidan want to be on the same page as Cora but how can he when he's not willing to let go of the past? 

Will Aidan be able to move on from the past or will Cora lose to a ghost?

Stacey brought Club Sin back, and into the lives of two committed partners. Having Cora fight her place by a ghost . . . a lost lover? Aidan blinded his own heart? Talk about a blinded love story.

I give this an 4.5 Cat's Tails Up, the story of Cora and Aidan was all about embracing the new and letting go of the old. 

MEOW . . . MEOW . . . MEOW
We meet the next Club Sin members! Cora (Presley's friend and the girl that introduce Presley to the BSMD lifestyle) and Aidan a Club Sin master with a past. 

From the start of the first page, it was clear that Aidan and Cora have intense chemistry and passion for each other, everything about them was like cookies and milk. But I could tell that Cora . . .  I don't want to say feel USED but she felt satisfied rather than complete.  

Aidan loves Cora although to him LOVE is a strong word to be using, before Cora Aidan thought his life was perfect but then tragic happens and he can't seem to forgive himself for what has happen because it was out of his hands. 

Cora wanted to ingore the fact that she was falling in love with Aidan but she would never ask for more from him until their one night at a campground where it was different between her and Aidan that it became too much for her and that the dynamic has changed for her. 

She tells Aidan the real problem between the two of them, she's willing to move on from her past but Aidan can't and until he can, Cora sees that it's too much to try and fix it and too heartbreaking for her. At this point I see Cora wants more of her relationship with Aidan but she refused to fight a ghost. 

Now Aidan, come on Man! You need to see what's in front of you rather than what's not. I'm glad that Kyler told him off and said that he needs to fix it. How does Aidain planned to do that? Well first he has to let go of the past in order to move forward.

I love the last couple chapters because it where things begins to mend back together and Aidan finally sees what in front of him, Cora his one and only. The kick is also at the end as well and I'm glad that the path Aidan chosen and Cora was already ready to accept it.


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