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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Blogger Times: NaNo and Life

Well November had come and gone in a blink of an eye, I was so looking forward to making progress with my WIP for NaNo as it being my first year attempting it. I however did not make 50k, I've gain 14,777 words in the WIP that meaning I've added more context, new scenes and just adding more. However my final total for NaNo was 18619. 

Now I can write almost every day when life (Education) isn't in the way, for example before NaNo I was currently working on a different WIP standing at 47,438 right now. What was so great about this WIP is that it was a Pre - thought idea I had back in High School where I actually wrote an Novel. Hand written mind you and probably my worst decision ever because one it was in pencil and two sometimes I can't read my own handwriting but that was before I had a laptop.

One night in August I had a thought about this "Couples" and they were both so strongly voiced in my head and what was nice that I met up with a friend the following day, telling her about this idea and she loves the sound of it and the more I thought about it the more things came out. These two really SCREAMED at me to write their story and because I don't like thinking in a one book stance, I like thinking ahead of the future even when I don't know how the first book is going to end but all I know is that this will be a journey for them and it will be my journey to write them.

I wrote almost every day and night, sometimes I refused to rest when in the middle and other times my train of thoughts take over when I lie down for bed. I was totally in love with the story and still am.

But then Education came around and I had to put aside my writing or only write when I felt like it or really needed to write! Now I said that I would put aside this WIP and go back to different WIP and use that story for NaNo, but then my hours and willing to write lowers because school became overwhelming. So I'm not entirely disappointed about not making 50k but I know that I was willing to try.

While I'll still be writing but I'm going back to my previous WI, the one I'm in LOVE with and do edits and all the horrible things an Author has to do to their book. 

So Did any of you do NaNo? 


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