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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

SassyCat's Big Announcement

Hey fellow bloggers/readers/reviewers/bookslovers!

Now if you haven't heard about UTopYA Con then you been living under a rock . . . or well in a book, you get what I'm saying. Anyways UTopYA Con is a big group of women writers of supernatural YA and NA fiction as well for the fans.

How I heard about this was through an author friend of mine, she had attend her first UTopYA Con last year and said that it was AMAZING.  So after talking with my mom and convincing her, Me and my mom will be there for 2014!
This will be my first year attending as well my mom, "we" or well ME is pretty excited to be going because I'll finally get to meet some of the people I've talked with for the last few months. 
So watch out UTopYA cause SassyCat is coming to you!

Last Year Bonus
Visit the Book Store
Get Swag from Exhibitors
Be ready for Surprises, Exclusives, Premieres and Special Guest Appearances!

Here's the 2014 bonus
Friday evening Book Signing event…with a surprise twist!
Saturday night dance party after the Awards!
Sunday afternoon Write-In…with prizes!

So yeah it sounds as amazing as it look! If you been wishing to attend some sort of Book/Author Convention, this is the place to go. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE

So you need to attend . . . if you can and meet some of your favorite authors/bloggers and get advice on blogging or jump starting your writing career.  Also it appears we will be having some UK Booklovers/Blogger coming to UToPYA, WOW it reach all the way over Atlantic Ocean!

You know I'm always for a little shortcut so here's the direct link to the tickets purchasing
SO HURRY There is only a limited of tickets!

ALSO if you want some insight on whose's going to be there keep watching out for UToPYA News either by email, their page or Facebook

So what are you waiting for?


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