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Friday, August 16, 2013

Novella Review: Never To Sleep

I'm finally am writing a review! after what, how many weeks? Well I apologize for that you see life is really been busy . . . getting prep for school, making time to hang with friends and long distance relatives. But anyway, I've recently purchase Soul Screamers Volume 3 about two weeks ago? and because I've already read If I DIE and BEFORE I WAKE, I haven't read Never To Sleep an novella from Sophie's POV.
Soul Screamers Volume Three (Soul Screamers #5, 5.5, 6) by

Soul Screamers Volume Three (Soul Screamers #5, 5.5, 6)What happens when the reapers come for Kaylee? Don't miss Volume Three of New York Times bestselling author Rachel Vincent's compelling, spellbinding Soul Screamers series.

Thanks to her mother's sacrifice, Kaylee Cavanaugh has lived most of her life on borrowed time, but now that borrowed time is almost up. Kaylee has only seven days left to prepare for the end. To say goodbye. And yeah, to stop an incubus from preying on her high school. Tick tock...

Dying wasn't easy for Kaylee, but faking life is a whole new kind of struggle. The only good moments are those spent in Tod's arms. But death hasn't stopped her old enemies, and now everyone Kaylee loves is in danger....

NEVER TO SLEEP First time in print!
Sophie Cavanaugh is sick of the social fallout from her cousin Kaylee's mental issues. Doesn't she realize people think "crazy" runs in the family? But then a cute boy, a fateful scream and a trip to a nightmare world leave Sophie wondering just what's real-and how to get home....

Soul Screamers... The last thing you hear before you die

Paperback, 768 pages
Published July 30th 2013 by Harlequin Teen

About Sophie
Who's Sophie you asked? Sophie is Kaylee's cousin with the same last name. We know Sophie is one spoiled child or at least she acts like it and despise her cousin because of all the weird things that goes on Kaylee is somehow involves and believes Kaylee should be put in a mental asylum.

But after IF I DIE, Sophie begins to understands but Never To Sleep takes place during If I DIE so I will keep all spoilers of IF I DIE locked.

So Never To Sleep? The title doesn't actually refer to never sleeping but it does means that Sophie's world the one she used to know will forever change.

Sophie never paid attention to what her cousin Kaylee do, she believes that she is in a higher social ladder than her. People get them confused with being sisters rather than cousins because of their last name.
All Sophie wants is to live in her world, soon she learns that there is more to her world than she thinks . . . running into a new guy, she doesn't think anything but just how good looking he is but then things starts to happen.
Luca Tedesco will change Sophie's world forever especially when the two of them end up in the Netherworld at school where Netherworld's worst nightmares lingers.
Can Luca and Sophie survive the Netherworld?
I give this a 5 cat's Tails up, I'm really glad that Rachel decided to do this novella in Sophie's POV, I feel now I understands Sophie's a little bit better even if it took five books to get there

Meow, Meow, Meow (Ramble's new title)
I honestly can't believe I've waited so long to read this novella, however it was worth waiting for this volume set because it actually fits the timeline that Rachel have created for If I Die and Before I Wake.  Plus we finally got to learn more about Sophie in a way, with Sophie's heritage both her mother and father never believes that Sophie would have traits of a Bean Sidhe until now.

You know surely when Rachel had shared that she would be writing a Novella, many of us were hoping Nash, Emma, Addison, heck even Levi but I think choosing Sophie as the narrator was PERFECT!

Sophie isn't all mean she's like a tasty treat with a chewy inside, Rachel had admittedly that we aren't suppose to love Sophie or like her even because of the way she created Sophie but I think Sophie was being kept in the dark for so many years that she became the way she is. 

She never understood why Kaylee had "panic attacks", she never understood why her cousin had to live with her after her parent's accident although Kaylee's dad lived. Sophie's dad Brendon simple just put  she's family no questions asks.

Now Luca Tedesco, can I just say he is impressively charming? Like really charming, I don't think he was trying too hard for Sophie because it was a mutual chemistry for the two.

I wished in some way that I met Luca earlier hence reading Never To Sleep but I couldn't because I was so excited to Before I Wake and that is when I meet Luca, then as I read on into the book . . . he and Sophie were an item.

After the event that happen in If I Die, Luca did provide information that Sophie was looking for and begins to understand the whole situation. In some way Sophie had felt bad that she was unaware of the things going on with her cousin.

In the end Luca will always be there for Sophie, to the very end of the world.


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