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Friday, August 30, 2013

Currently Reading!

I know I said I wasn't going to have time to read books now that I've started school and math seems to drop homework in my lap. Each assignment is due in two days after. It's been assigned HUH? Now I'm not a brainiac on math but I do okay but some things just take awhile to sink into my full creativity/anatomy & physiology/want-to-read/want-to-write/and-focus-on-math BRAIN.

Yes a lot goes on in my Brain . . . MEEEOOOWWW let's move on,

Disconnect (Divided Worlds, #1)I'm still reading Disconnected (Divided World #1) for the Divided World Tours, I have an excerpt coming up on Friday September  6th that is organized by Xpresso Books Tour  I also will be posting the book review on the same post. So goal this weekend? Finished the book and continue writing the review. 

Omens (Cainsville, #1)
Now my Litterbox came with a new book! Omens by Kelley Armstrong, now I've never read anything by her but when I heard about Omens it drew me in. I mean how could you not with the title or the cover?
I've barely begun it but I'm much further into the book that I thought, it's that good! I'm not playing with just any "toys" I'm playing with a catnip filled toy. Achoo! Sniff, Sniff. 

Note: I've barely made a dent into the book but its catnip worthy to play with over and over again.   Plus there's a Cainsville Files, App

First ever interactive story for Kelley Armstrong–and Penguin–out now
A little quip about it
Cainsville Files features Jenn McCoy, a struggling private investigator who finds herself searching for her missing high-school sweetheart—possibly a victim of the notorious Valentine Killer. The gamer’s choices will either help Jenn solve the case—or doom her to a number of tricky fates!
Both new readers and devoted fans will be able to absorb the exciting plot choices offered as the book and the game have been designed as stand-alone works; however, there is plenty of fun crossover for those who have read the book


So that all I have to say for now :-)


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