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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Blogger Times: Meet the person behind the scene

Hey guys! This is one of my blog features "Blogger Times" this typically is about books in any way shape or form or should I say topics and words? Well I realizes that many of you may not know who I am!

I am also feature on BlackPlume's Share Your Shelf, here's the link http://blackplume.wordpress.com/2013/07/04/share-your-shelf-kat-of-sassycats-books-review/

I do this a lot especially in school, when that teacher/professors asked us to introduce ourselves and share three thing blah blah blah, but I always get nervous and I don't always say my name (such a dork) 

My name is Kat with a "K" you won't believe how many people thinks it a "C"! Here's why
1. My full name origin was a C from the old times, the K is the modern form
2. People automatically thinks C when I say my name 
3. If you have felines then you know C is for Cat
4. My full name can be written in different way, but I can't determine which was the letter was the original but since the 12 century both form were used in modern times.

How old am I? Well I can say I'm older than I look but that's is because I still have my baby face feature with a maturity look as well. I'm sure that will all change in time, your body gradually change due to changes in your life  and even for some people who had kids get a new curves. 

How long have I been blogging?
Well I've been blogging for at least two years but that was on a different blog and I was doing too many things. So when 2013 came around I really debated if I wanted to make the switch to blogger, many blogger made that change. So around mid-feb I've consulted with my friends on names that would suit me the best, one I love cats and two I have very much cat-like personality just like my name.  

So now you asked how you come up with the name?
I wanted the words "Sassy" and "Cat" now I fought back and forth with using K or C for the cat word but after all confusion I get outside of blogging with my name I went with C. Do I wish that it was a K? Maybe but I'm happy, satisfied and people can easily remember the name. Now Sassy is another thing, I do have sassy quality but Sassy comes from a character. Any ideas?
Sassy is from homeward bound, she is also a beautiful Himalayas cat with blue eyes while I wish I had a cat like that but I'm perfectly happy with my own 15 pounds Brown Tabby cat. Then I just added Books and Review and boom! There's my blog name

  Sassy is played by Tiki and voiced by Sally Fields

What else do I do beside blog and read?
I'm a avid bowler with an average of 155, now I'm not trying to make you feel bad! But I've been bowling since I was 6 or younger. My mom is also a bowler so I'm sure that where I get it from but I'm more structure with my bowling I should say, that only means I do things based on how my ball reacts on the lanes. Notes there's wood and Synthetic Lanes, then you got different oil patterns now unless you're a bowler in league, the oil you play on during the day and before leagues are used oil. 
Ok I can talk about bowling pretty much all day but let's move on shall we?


I love photography, I practically takes photos all the time! I would love to do photography as a side career but I think I would just want it as a hobby. Hopefully in the next month or so I will be doing my best friend engagement photos :-) this will give me an opportunity to really take photography to another level. 



I am a student at my local technical college, I've graduated in business management and earned an associate degree, I went to my university for a different program in mind but after the first semester I've learned that it wasn't the program for me. So I search for a new direction, and came across Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ultrasound/imaging) so I'm on my way to my new degree :-)

Lastly, I am a writer obviously you can tell but really I do write just like authors, some day I hope to become a author and share my imagination with you! Now I'm not going to say what I'm writing due to the possibilities of publishing my work. So wish me luck!

Who are my favorite authors?
Rachel Vincent, she is one of my first author that got me into reading books. 
Cassandra Clare, I just love the mixtures of creatures in one books 
Andrea Cremer, the best YA werewolves series around
What do these author do best? Create insanely twists and they write multiple books for their series which makes it all the better.

Share my Favs

TV Shows Favs
1. The Vampires Diaries
2. Supernatural
3. ER (Yes I know its no longer being played but seriously it my favorite show ever) 
4. The Walking Dead
Artists Favs
1. Breaking Benjamin 
2. Linkin Park
3. Evanescence 
Movies Favs
1. Twister
2. Jurassic Park
3. Top Gun
Well there you have it! Now you know a little about me and the person behind SassyCat's Books Review


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