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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Blood Code Review

The Blood Code (Super Agent #4) By Misty Evans

The Blood Code (Super Agent, #4)Book Description
Fifteen years age, Anya Radzoya fled Russia with her grandmother after the suspicious deaths of her parents, but she can’t escape the royal genes that make her one of Russia’s last living princesses. When President Ivanov blackmails her into returning to Moscow to be his future wife in exchange for her grandmother’s life, Anya discovers he’s planning to unleash a nuclear war. With no one else to turn to, she join forces with CIA operative Ryan Smith.Undercover at the nuclear summit, Ryan is happy to recruit Anya to find proof Ivanov is resurrecting the Cold War, but he suspects his new asset is a double agent. Anya is determined to rescue her grandmother with or without his help, however, and Ryan finds himself falling for the beautiful princess before he even trusts her. He refuses to let her go it alone, even if it means risking his own critical mission.Trapped inside the Kremlin with a cunning and ruthless opponent, the two must risk their lives and their hearts to save Anya’s grandmother, as well as millions of innocent people.

ebook, 250 pages
Expected publication: June 17th 2013 by Entangled: Edge
This book was given to me as an advanced review copy, from Jaime Arnold (Senior Publicist of Entangled Publishing, LCC)
This is my first suspense book with military influence, so bare with me on reviewing this book it also was influence with history of the Grand Duchess Anastasia. 
Having to filled in for his boss due to sickness was not what Ryan Smith had intended on doing, but when his computer tech guy say that someone was heading to their secure location . . . it was time to brace for intruders. Waiting for the intruder traveling by car, it's turns out to be a woman who carries a very important ICBM key and information about the President of Russia.
Anya Radzoya, a geneticist with a painful past, a royal bloodline connection, has to risk everything to find her grandmother after she'd disappeared and Anya knows who did it. However making deals with the president of Russia was out of the question, his quest for super Russians, power, and control of the most powerful weapons of Russian, with Anya by his side. Anya has to play princess/spy while she search for her grandmother's location but she also has to deal with Ryan Smith the spy that she must learn to trust. 
Ryan and Anya must work together to find the evidence although Anya already seen some of President Ivanov's plans up close, she need more . . . they need more to call for actions. The Key to unlocking Russia's greatest weapons lies within Anya but just how far will Ryan and Anya's grandmother go to protect Anya? When it is her DNA that is the key element to unlocking the Missiles and the enemy already has the code?

I give this 3 Cat's Tails Up, I like the visualization of Russia that was explained and some of the science/medical aspect but having the Grand Duchess concept made the story a little bleh and confusing to me.

So I was quite draw to how authentic and visually explain of where the book is taken place. However for many moments I had the Anastasia flashbacks, the female name is Anya and the movie used Anya as her short name since she couldn't remember who she was. The next piece was the tragedy of the Romanov family (despite how Hollywood and other media, scientist and researchers had found remains of Anastasia outside of the castle therefore she never lived a full life as a regular human being or grand duchess)
Anya in the book, saw her parent get killed by the man in black when she was a kid. But Anya in the book had different qualities than the real Anastasia, 1) she had a very rare type of blood disorder that was passed on from both of her parents 2) Anya play better as a spy than a grand duchess 3) Anya is a genetic scientist (she takes after her mother) and 4) turns out that Anya's father use her DNA sequence as a code for the most destructive weapon Russia has. 
Now there was a small hint of romance between Ryan and Anya but there wasn't much, and I kind of wish that there was more. They make a good couple but still I wished for more.
Anya's grandmother was a double spy, but along the way she has made sure that the key to unlocking the missiles were kept secret. She met allies and made enemies in her days as a spy but she also had a lover's quarrel  that no one really knew about but in the end Anya's grandmother kept her silence but that did end up costing her life. Among Anya's family, her grandmother was the only living relative alive but she discover that her grandfather still lived to this day and want make a new start with her.

The story was slightly misleading with mixing the Grand Duchess Anastasia and the character Anya, I think the location of where the book was taken place was good and the mission was good but I would have been fine using some history of Anastasia rather than making her THE Anastasia. 


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