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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Book Review: Talk to the Paw

Inspired by the true story of a Portland, Oregon, cat who stole from his neighbors--and stole America's heart . . .

Jamie Snyder is thirty-four and single but NOT ready to mingle. After suffering through The Year of the Non-Commital Man, The Year of the Self-Absorbed Man, and The Year of the Forgot-to-Mention-I'm-Married Man, Jamie's ready to celebrate The Year of Me--and MacGyver, of course. MacGyver is an adorable tabby with a not-so-adorable habit of sneaking out at night and stealing things from the neighbors. That's right, MacGyver is a cat burglar. He's still the only male Jamie trusts--and the only companion she needs . . .

MacGyver knows his human is lonely. He can smell it. It's the same smell he's noticed on their neighbor David, a handsome young baker who's tired of his friends trying to fix him up. But now MacGyver's on the case. First, he steals something from David and stashes it at Jamie's. Then, he steals something from Jamie and leaves it with David. Before long, the two are swapping stolen goods, trading dating horror stories, and trying not to fall in love. But they're not fooling MacGyver. When humans generate this much heat, the cat is out of the bag . . .

MEOW . . . MEOW . . . MEOW
I was so excited when I got this in the mail from Regina of MEReadALOT, I saw the book on her Instagram and Instantly wanted to read it. However finding it in the bookstore proved to be a challenge and I was about to made the purchase online when I got the package from Regina.

This book was quirky and I love it! There were a lot of part that I laugh at and MacGyver doing his catty thing.

Honestly I wouldn't be opposed to an second book on this or something similar that involves cats playing matchmaking.

Book Review: The Darkest Star


First and foremost : Thank you Regina for sending me this book, I needed this book in my life. 

I had always been a big fan of JLA's Lux series that features Daemon and Kat, I was sad that it had ended but I guess apparently fans didn't want this world to end. So JLA wrote a new journey, a few years down the road and new + old characters. 

Evie Dasher was a new character for me, I was really intrigue by her. She has the similar traits that Kat does. 

But not everything is as it seems. 

Luc is a old character that people wanted to know more about so JLA finally gave us that. Honestly I don't remember too much about him from the Lux series but it had been awhile since I read the Lux series so my memory is sparse. 

But Luc has his own secrets and his own past. 

When JLA first introduce Luc and Evie together, it was clear to me that Luc knew her. I almost thought he was a hired bodyguard, but as the book went on there was so much more to the story. 

Luc is almost like Daemon in a way but more lethal.

I enjoyed the plot of the story, I truly hope that Jen follows through with a 2nd book since this one is not done yet. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Book Review: Wages of Sin

Wages of Sin (Las Vegas Syndicate #2) by Michelle St. James

Max Cartwright finally realized he was in love with his best friend — and now she’s gone.Devastated over Abby’s flight from Vegas, Max nurses his loss at Jason Draper’s casino, desperate for another opportunity to take down the man who came between him and Abby. At first it’s a way to forget, but when his hours at the roulette table reveal a new connection between Jason and DeLuca, Max sees a way to disrupt their partnership for good.

And all it will require is a high-stakes heist.

Abby Sterling should have known it was too good to be true.

Hiding out on a beach in Mexico, she replays everything that happened between her and Max, searching for a clue that he wasn’t the man she believed him to be. Than Angel Vitale appears, telling Abby she was manipulated by Jason. Max was one of the good guys all along — and now he’s in trouble.

Back in Max’s arms, Abby is determined to help bring down Jason, the man she thought was her friend and mentor. Doing so means resuming her job at the Tangier and feeding information to the Syndicate, not to mention dodging the deadly mercenary Jason has hired to protect him.

When Max makes good on the plan to steal the money being laundered at the casino, old loyalties are pitted against new alliances. Now Max is forced into a confrontation with Jason and DeLuca — and Abby isn’t as safe as she seems.

We're back! 

Things get heated up in Wages of Sin, Max struggles with trying to locate Abby so he drowns himself in gambling and drinking. 

Abby isn't sure who to believe, but she know in her heart that she loves Max. 

Both Max and Abby are empty without each other, luckily they both learned to trust each other. 

For Wages of Sin, the danger is just starting and Jason Draper is no longer going down easy. 

I enjoyed Wages of Sin and I can't wait to read the next book to see where everything takes Max and Abby. Along with the other Mob Bosses, will Max take on the role of running Las Vegas?

Monday, January 22, 2018

Book Review: King of Sin

King of Sin (Las Vegas Syndicate #1) by Michelle St. James 

Maxwell Cartwright just wants to have fun.

At least that’s what he tells himself as he works his way through every showgirl and high roller room in Vegas, burning through his trust fund and trying to forget the betrayal of his old friend Jason Draper.

Then Nico Vitale, head of the Syndicate, mentions the one thing that might prompt Max to action.
Max's best friend, Abby, may be in grave danger.

Abby Sterling is finally in control.

Breaking free of an abusive father wasn’t easy, but hard work, a college degree, and a job in the executive offices of her childhood friend Jason Draper’s casino has her feeling like she’s free of the past.

But maintaining her friendship with both Max and Jason isn’t easy when the two men won’t even speak to each other, and things get even more complicated when Abby’s relationship with Max heats up in surprising ways.

As Max’s ties to the Syndicate deepen, he crosses his long held line with Abby, taking her to bed in spite of his promise never to risk their friendship.

Now Max is in over his head, with the Syndicate, Jason Draper, and the woman he’s loved his entire life. The only way out is to infiltrate Jason Draper’s DarkNet poker game — and save Abby from becoming collateral damage.

Kindle Edition, 285 pages
Published January 19th 2018 by Blackthorn Press

Meow . . . Meow . . . Meow
In a new series set in the Mob boss world, but now Las Vegas bound. The city that never sleeps, gambling is the only way to win and sex is always a bonus. 

For Max, he's got the playboy attitude. But that is just the surface of Max Cartwright, underneath that he's fighting an internal battle. 

Abby rise above all the hardship and she's got a fairly decent life that she made for herself. But something is missing in her life.

What we see in King of Sin is the Syndicate trying to rebuild the world, tear down the corrupted world. They need Max because only he can bring down the corrupted.

And protect Abby Sterling.

This is a great start for a new series, I enjoy every part of the story and I love the best friends triangle.

That ending was a big big cliff hanger, darn you Michelle! 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Book Review: Wild Card

Wild Card (Wildcats #3) by Rachel Vincent 

Wild Card (Wildcats, #3)
Kaci Dillon is a man-eater.

She’s grown up on the fringes of shifter society, hearing the whispers. One desperate act as a starving, terrified child has made her the first tabby in history with no romantic prospects. But whatever. Eighteen is too young to get married anyway. Still, when she stumbles upon an opportunity to get away for a few days, who could blame her for seizing it?

Justus Alexander is screwed.

Confined to the South-Central territory, awaiting trial for crimes he committed as a traumatized, newly infected stray, Justus has discovered that the tribunal already intends to vote for the death penalty. He has no choice but to run. Too young to touch the trust fund that could finance his escape, he’s betting on a big win at the poker tables—until Kaci, his secret crush, catches him sneaking out and demands that he take her with him to Las Vegas

After a wild night she can’t remember, Kaci wakes up with a ring on her finger, next to a young billionaire who can’t access his fortune until he turns twenty-five—or ties the knot. If she can keep her hands off her hot, charismatic new groom, she can have their unconsummated marriage annulled. But can she really abandon Justus to his death sentence, just to undo her own mistake?

MEOW . . . MEOW . . . MEOW

We aren't too far from where Blind Tiger ended, and we are now focus on the not so young anymore Kaci Dillion. The Kaci we knew was a fearful young werecat, born with two recessive werecat gene that triggered her shift.

Now Kaci is a teen, with much to learn. But she has no doubt that being married young was not on her radar, until she wakes up with a ring on her finger to a man that is about to stand on trial.

Justus was infected by a werecat with the intent on framing Titus (his older brother) for the crimes, but Justus's actions still lead to large consequences. So he's running away but then Kaci convinces him that there's a chance to clear his name.

Throughout this book, Kaci has taken her knowledge of growing up in the Lazy S ranch and convince a few alphas that Justus deserve a fairer trial despite their bylaws.

We do see Faythe and Marc taking an very parental side when it comes to Kaci, but they do know that she's growing up and they're learning to accept that as well as this sudden marriage.

The Tribunal are face with changes, some are agreeing to the new changes while some are still set in the old ways. We learned so much about the Tribunal in this book similar to following Faythe's journey, but again we see changes happen.

This book was fill with all sort of elements that I enjoy.

As always I love Rachel's books and I'm so glad she's is getting back into the werecats world again, I have no idea who she should write next but I want more!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Book Review: Deadly Summer

Deadly Summer (Darling Investigations #1) by Denise Grover Swank

Deadly Summer (Darling Investigations #1)

Ten years ago, Summer Butler was television’s most popular teenage sleuth. Since then, she’s hit—what gossip sites just love to call—the gutter. Nearly bankrupt, betrayed, estranged from her greedy mother, and just about unemployable, she’s coaxed into that desperate haven for has-beens: reality TV.

Winging it as a faux PI, she’ll solve off-the-cuff mysteries in her hometown of Sweet Briar, Alabama. For added drama, there’s police chief Luke Montgomery, inconveniently Summer’s first and only love.

It’s when Summer stumbles upon a very real corpse that Darling Investigations takes an unexpected twist. The growing list of suspects is a big draw to viewers, but the reality is that Summer doesn’t know whom she can trust. Someone has written this killer new scene especially for her, and unless Summer gives the role everything she’s got, it could be her last…

Kindle Edition, 362 pages

Expected publication: January 9th 2018 by Montlake Romance

MEOW . . .MEOW . . .MEOW 

I'm not a stranger to Denise's books, I found this one to be somewhat fresh from all her other books. Summer was the childhood stardom, but something happen and her career went downhill. 

She took a chance in trying a new reality show as an investigator, although she has no background and no license. All the show needed was a made up story and her acting as an investigator.

The made-up story however lead to an actual case and curiosity takes over.

For most part of the book, I like the fact that it was an semi-reality/script acting type of thing/ Denise did well as being the "director" of the show/book.

The romantic notion of the story, sure it was a little long ending but I can understand from each point of view. She/he broke their heart, but when one still cares for the other it's hard not to wonder how far one will push to shove their feelings.

I enjoy the little twist between fake cases and an actual real murder case, I was glad that Summer took it in her control to keep investigating her first "not so fake" case because she knew in her guts that something was off from the get go.

I look forward to the next book.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Book Review: Eternal Love

Eternal Love (A Mob Boss Saga Holiday Novella) by Michelle St. James

Eternal Love: A Mob Boss Saga Holiday Novella

This year, Santa isn't the only one coming to town.

A momentous question…

A weighty secret…

The reunion of a lifetime with all the Syndicate's hottest Alpha’s — and enough passion to keep you warm on the coldest of nights.

This is not your mother’s holiday.

Kindle Edition
Expected publication: November 28th 2017 by Blackthorn Press

MEOW . . . MEOW . . . MEOW
WOW I read this so fast that I had to read it again and again! Bring all the mob boss together for the holidays.

See the source image

The Mob Bosses are gathering in Rome to celebrate the Holidays. Farrell and Jenna are exciting to celebrate Christmas but both are harboring a big big secret.

Something small and shining is burning a hole in Farrell's pocket. 

Created by love and passion, a new life is created.

She's been through this once, she was afraid the first time unsure of the future. She is madly in love with Farrell and the family bond between her, Farrell and Lily are like a second layer of skin. But yet she still think about doubts.

Farrell is all about timing and planning, but each time he get unsure. With the gathering of all the men and wives/partner in line, he needs to get with the program.

See the source image

Will both Farrell and Jenna finally share their biggest secret??? 

I love this book so much!!! Like it's the perfect ending or perfect beginning for Farrell and Jenna, I have no doubts that those two will be having their hands full very soon and Farrell will see Jenna in a new glow. 

This is a PEERRRRFECT way to wrap up part of the Mob bosses, but I have no doubts that they will make their appearances in other Mob bosses stories that Michelle comes up with.