Katie's Editing Services

Hey everyone, I'm helping out a close BFF of mine . . . who I may have mention once or twice before. Anyways she's running a small editing services on Fiverr. Here's the link to her http://fiverr.com/shadowmere

Here's are some of her qualifications, 

Double Major in English Literature and American Indian Studies with a Religious Studies minor. I absolute adore books and anything having to do with reading, writing, and editing! I have written many papers on a wide variety of topics and have great experiences with peer editing! :)

Her service is very reasonable for those that are beginners and is wondering if you're going in the right direction or not. Now she isn't doing full MS edits, but she is willing to edit 4000 words or two chapters at the most.

You can find her contact information on her Fiverr link from above,


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